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I did not know when I started this blog, how addicting it was going to be. There are so many cool blogs and websites out there on the internet, and I just keep stumbling on them and then I’m all like “omg I gotta blog this”…

Welcome to my link blog called Tour The Web. My name is David, and this is my personal internet website guide and blog with links to my favorite websites on the web. As someone who is constantly finding great websites and blogs to view online, I wanted to build this collection of links so others could discover the great content and resources that I have who may share the same interests as me. My main interests are blogging, art, crafts, photography, technology, science, games, outdoors, and entertainment. So you can expect to find lots of links related to those categories of interest on this blog. While this blog is brand new, I hope to eventually build this into a useful resource. Thanks for visiting and I hope this blog will help you to find something of interest on this great big world wide web.

This blog and link directory was started on Sunday, February 9th, 2014.

Note: I will be updating this blog with my greeting photo (a photo of me) soon 🙂

Featured Site For February / March 2014:


365 Days Of Balloons – Meghan Cole

Follow along with Meghan Cole on her tumblr blog as she creates and posts a new balloon creation every day. Her balloon creations are sure to make you smile. I’ve enjoyed every one of them so far.


Hunk Of The Day


Babe Of The Day

babe 00003

Please Note: I try as much as I can to keep the “hunk of the day” and “babe of the day” photos updated each day on this page and in the lower sidebar widgets, but I do get quite busy so they may not always be updated on this page when you visit. I recommend if that is the case for today, then try clicking the appropriate category links in the sidebar on the right for the latest photo and past photo archives as there is a good chance I already scheduled a new post for the day which you will find in the blog.

Too lazy to look for the links in the sidebar?… then use these: click here for today’s babe of the day, and here for today’s hunk of the day.



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